Industrial automation

Custom Machines
Custom Machines
12 December 2021

Industrial automation

Control hub automation is a systems Integration company with an intensive experience and customised solutions in industrial automation and turnkey engineered solutions for the industry.

Our experienced team are able to offer tailored solution for you electrical and industrial automation requirements in time and budget manner.

Controlhub Automation is one among Australia’s leading suppliers of custom-designed automation systems. Located in Sydney, we work with customers all across Australia, serving a large number of industries including mining, water and waste water, healthcare, packaging, food & beverage, construction, and so on.

The rapid growth of technology has made manufacturing very competitive. We understand that as you attempt to stay ahead of the curve, you don’t need the same automation products that everyone else has.

That is why we can customise the products for you. Solutions which might be made just for you, that no one else possesses, may be a key element in maintaining your competitive advantage.

Our astonishing range of services and products consist of the following:

  • Motor control units
  • Material handling systems
  • Customised machines
  • Vision systems
  • Possible Consulting

Motor control units

optimise your factory floor with motor control systems from pumping stations to conveying systems

Material handling systems

Robotic systems and AMRs will move products round your facility fast and efficiently

Customised machines

Design and commissioning customised and special machines for the manufacturing lines

Vision systems

we are able to assist you make sure which you have the right equipment for inspection to provide the great quality

Possible Consulting

enhance your business operations and learn how to properly enforce global quality and safety standards

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