Improvement and Upgrade

5 Axis motion control panel commissioning (23kw servo)
5 Axis motion control panel commissioning
9 June 2022
Project management
Project management
18 September 2021
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Improvement and Upgrade

Our individual solutions enable increase within the performance of your manufacturing.

Enhance current features or amplify your machines with new features in order to increase the life span, however also to increase your production. With present day Control Hub upgrade & retrofit solutions, you may equip your machines with additional introduced cost and sustainably to improve their effectiveness and versatility.

before improvementAfter improvement

Even old machines do an excellent job. Especially when it comes to expensive devices, people think twice about purchasing a new one. But often a new machine is not necessary. Because with our upgrades and conversion solutions, we can upgrade your machines so that it is as up to date as a new machine.

Control hub offers conversion solution and upgrades for individual machine groups and machine components. As a result, even an older machine meets today's production standards and can easily keep up with new machines. This is not only much cheaper than buying a new one, but also sustainable, safer and more productive.