Machine learning

18 May 2021
18 March 2021
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Machine learning (AI)

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative solution when the ordinary algorithms like PID does not work efficiently.

The whole idea is based on the construction of algorithms and learning from them to make predictions on data by building models from sample inputs.

If we further break it down, machine learning takes heavily from computational statistics (prediction modelling using computers or PCIs) and mathematical optimisation, which provides methods, theory and application data to those models. In the other word, it creates its own data models based on algorithms and then uses them to predict defined patterns within a range of data sets.

Here are some of the application of AI and machine learning:

  • Dosing system for the vibratory feeders
  • Temperature and moisture control in the big ovens
  • Tension control of films in Packing and printing machines
  • Complex vision systems and image processing
As well as many other industrial complex applications.

This is an example of applying artificial intelligence in food industry.
As illustrated in the photos, the third party vibratory feeder of seasoning machine receives momentary weight of the seasoning drum feeder in every 200ms and using AI algorithm which was not applicable through normal PID loop due to vibration, to adjust the vibrator to stay around the target weight to achieve more consistency in flavouring station and that leads better quality of product at outlet of seasoning machine.