18 June 2021
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Machine learning
18 April 2021
ControlHUB Co.


Your current controls and automation equipment will need to be upgraded when system components and software are discontinued or no longer supported.

We can upgrade your existing control and automation equipment, so you no longer need to worry about parts availability, software support, or making changes to your automation programs.

We suggest to monitor and service your control system remotely by using remote VPN access capabilities saving you time and money.

Why Remote Support, Maintenance and Service?

Maintenance and ongoing service, from your system integrators, is essential to a well running system. We are able to provide remote maintenance to locations throughout Australia.

Remote service maintenance and maintenance for Industrial Automation:

  • Cutting travel costs for service
  • Minimising the 'wait' time for service to begin
  • Backing up your staff for your system maintenance or repair
  • • We can save a copy of your programs and updates on our file server, providing you off-site backup for recovery

Control Hub delivers contract maintenance, shutdown and project services to industry, delivering cost and productivity benefits to our customers.

With the range of experienced engineers and electricians, we are able to provide the quality services to our customers and resolve those complex issues in the phased out and modern systems.

We as Control hub, are happy to be a part of your maintenance concept, whether as a mobile maintenance specialist who also comes to you for an individual system at an hourly rate or as an independent service provider who looks after your entire machine and system.

Machine maintenance and repair, machine relocation, plant relocation and maintenance support at a high level. Your assembly professional – everything from a single source.