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MACHINE LEARNING; Machines which can be capable of learning are also developed and used, that may independently enhance their productivity, energy efficiency and / or availability in operation

For Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. For example, high quality products make failure prediction more difficult because not enough training data could be collected from the rare failures. If the error analysis does no longer work precisely enough and, as an instance, often triggers a false alarm, the customer is more insecure than convinced of this service or product.

a. Configuration the whole SCADA servers and clients communication over internet which can save any additional costs for setting up the whole internal networks

The network of mobile HMIs through VPN tunnels which can be a highly secure, flexible and efficient way to boost up the productivity

AMRs (AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOTS) can navigate freely in your manufacturing environment without extra equipment. This is in evaluation to AGVs (autonomous Guided vehicles), which require, among different stings like magnetic strips on the floor or reflectors at the wall. AMRs can also keep away from people and other vehicles. This makes AMRs very flexible and usable 24/7



CONTROLHUB Manufacturing Services

We design & manufacture in line with your requirement as per Australian standards

we are also in a position to design and manufacture according to US or British standards. If required, we can also deliver the Cabinet systems in stainless steel, higher IP rating and explosion prove enclosures. Additionally within the portfolio: the production of consoles for control stations or control rooms.

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