18 July 2021
18 May 2021
ControlHUB Co.


Due to our personal production facilities in Australia we can provide control cabinets individually designed and flexibly in very reasonable time.

We design and manufacture in line with your requirement as per Australian standards, we are also in a position to design and manufacture according to US or British standards.

If required, we can also deliver the Cabinet systems in stainless steel, higher IP rating and explosion-proof enclosures. Additionally within the portfolio, we provide the production of:

  • Consoles for control stations or control rooms
  • Medium and low voltage distributions
  • Control Panels
  • Device cabinets
  • Analysis cabinet
  • Pneumatic panels
  • Remote I/O or sub-panels

As per wired mag, demand for semiconductors grew almost 30% from August 2020 to August 2021, and some corporations are seeing a backlog of orders developing well into 2023. Some main chip manufacturers have announced huge investments to construct new and cutting-edge chip-production plants, however that takes years to build and costs billions to perform.

Due to this massive shortage which can heavily affect the industrial control components manufacturers, Control hub tries to reduce the projects leading time by mixing and matching the control system components like PLCs, VSDs and servo systems from different trusty manufacturers, which might require extensive knowledge and experience in industrial automation and fieldbus sector to be accomplished reliably along our highest standards.