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21 August 2022

Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 6)

ANALYSIS OF RESULTS (Test and checks results) Read more in; Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 6)
6 August 2022

Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 5)

Cost Analysis ;Cost-Benefit Analysis measures the financial impact of the project .Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 5)
29 July 2022

Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 4)

Testing will be done in stages from components to completed circuits then the whole system.
22 July 2022

Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 3)

The project building /installation will be done in parallel with the existing system where possible; this allows the plant to run smoothly while upgrading is taking place.
7 July 2022

Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 2)

Components description | Case Study, Upgare of the mixing plant (PART 2), They inject large harmonic currents (Radio Frequency Interference) back into the supply network.
30 June 2022

Case Study, Upgrade of the mixing plant (PART 1)

Project definition and User specifications | The creamer mixing plant at Entyce Beverages was installed and commissioned when the plant was built and over the years the demand for their Ellis Brown creamer has grown in the market.
23 June 2022

Reasons to use variable speed drives

There are many different reasons for using variable speed drives. Some applications, such as B. Papermaking machines cannot run without them, while others, such as centrifugal pumps, can benefit from energy savings.
26 May 2022

SCADA architecture, legacy to modern structure

SCADA architecture, legacy to modern structure, three generations of SCADA systems: 1.Monolithic 2.Distributed 3.Networked SCADA systems
19 May 2022

Robotic vision system VS. computer vision system

Robot vision or robotic vision is closely related to machine vision. They have a lot in common when it comes to computer vision.
13 May 2022

Industrial Automation can save Australian industry

The primary reasons for companies to drive automation are to increase productivity while decreasing costs and improving product quality
5 May 2022

How to become a professional PLC programmer

The programmable logic controller (PLC) is used in automation technology to manage and regulate tasks wherever processes are automatic
28 April 2022

Top 15 Industrial Automation Companies in the World

Our statistic shows the largest corporations in the automation industry worldwide in terms of sales in 2018.
21 April 2022

Artificial intelligence, preventative maintenance in Australian industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help preventative maintenance in Australian industry. ControlHub AI solution can do more than just evaluate
14 April 2022

Is a PLC still worth it these days?

The programmable logic controller gives a number of benefits, and its strengths absolutely lie in relatively straight forward programming thanks to easy software languages and in powerful real-time data processing
14 February 2022

Effect of Industrial Automation on Employment

There is commonly resistance by means of the employees to any scheme of industrial automation. The people are afraid that the introduction of automation will create unemployment.
16 December 2021

Enhancing productivity

when a prominent level of productivity is sought, there is no other thing that can help. There are enormous benefits and application of special purpose machine.
12 December 2021

Custom Machines

ControlHUB Custom Machines, We design and manufacture custom Machines to increase operational efficiency, safety and ease of operation.
12 December 2021

Industrial automation

Controlhub automation is a systems Integration company with an intensive experience & customised solutions in industrial automation & turnkey engineered solutions for the industry.